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Application of Industrial Robot Technology

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I. Introduction

Under the background of “Industry 4.0” and “Intelligent Manufacturing in China 2025”, The Industrial Robotics Application Technology (IRAT) major aims to cultivate high-end equipment manufacturing technicians with the knowledge of both intelligent control and industrial robotics so as to empower transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in Zhejiang province. The graduates will be able to do such jobs as industrial robot application system integration, application system operation and maintenance, automatic control system installation and maintenance, marketing and technical support, etc. The IRAT major has an in-depth cooperation with well-known enterprises such as FANUC corporation, building an industrial robot basic fundamentals training room, a 3D print training room, an intelligent mobile robot training room, an intelligent manufacturing productive training room, and basic training rooms for motor control and PLC control technology. The faculty of IRAT boasts strong professional team, rich theoretical knowledge and abundant practical experience. All of the staff graduated from China’s “Double First-Class” universities and the major leader, in particular, is qualified as provincial talent. The IRAT adheres to the integration of industry & education and adopts the teaching mode of theory-practice combination, setting up curriculum system based on the industrial robot and intelligent robot post chains and constructing various professional courses according to job requirements to achieve the integrated training of knowledge and practice. Thus, it will provide high-quality and high skilled compound talents for robots’ production and application in the region of South Zhejiang province and northern Fujian province.

II. Educational Objectives

The IRAT major aims to cultivate high-quality talents endowed with necessary basic knowledge, professional skills and comprehensive vocational abilities who work for those enterprises specializing in industrial robot production, integration and application, and engage in such positions related to industrial robot equipment as technology development, product maintenance, technology management, product marketing etc.

III. Main Courses

The major’s curriculum system consists of Electrical and Electronic Technology, Motor and Electrical Control, PLC Technology, Industrial Robot Off-line Programming and Simulation Technology, Industrial Robot On-site Programming, Industrial Robot System Integration Design, Industrial Robot Vision Technology and Application, Industrial Robot Operation and Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence Technology etc.

IV. Employment Direction

The graduates tend to work for industrial robotics manufacturing enterprises, automatic production enterprises, and system integration technology R&D enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing industry, engaging in such jobs as industrial robot application design, integrated application development, intelligent automatic production assembly line, electro mechanical equipment design, installation, debugging and maintenance.

V. Skills Certificate

Students of the major are supposed to acquire such certificates as FANUC Certified Engineer, Industrial Robotics System Application Engineer, Maintenance Electrician, Programmable Control System Designer, etc.

VI. Training Conditions

The practical teaching of IRAT mainly relies on on-campus labs, training centers and off-campus practical bases. The college possesses a number of on-campus labs, including a MCU training room, an electrical and electronic training room, a PLC training room, a computer network training room, a virtual simulation training room, an industrial robot basic training room and productive comprehensive training base. Among them, the comprehensive training base is composed of an intelligent equipment and manufacturing training section(including industrial robot basic training part, automatic material handling part and NC machining central part), an intelligent security product design and flexible machining training section(including product design workstation, 3D printer, 3D scanner; and an intelligent robot exploration training section). It can satisfy students’ training needs in intelligent robotics and intelligent manufacturing, serve the ITAT major’s practice and internship about control and production networking, and be extend to meet the needs of students from other majors in product design and processing for a wide variety of uses.

Ⅶ. Faculty Introduction

The IRAT major boasts a young and creative staff team consisting of eight teachers who all have master’s degrees from China’s “Double First-Class” universities or intermediate professional titles. They are specialized in Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, and Electronic Information Engineering, among which 75% are under the age of 

Training Conditions

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