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Security and Protection Technology

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I. Professional Introduction

Security is a part of social public safety and security industry is a branch of social public security industry. In terms of security means, security industry contains two categories: traditional security (human prevention, physical prevention) and technical security. With the continuous progress of science and technology, traditional security has been continually integrated with new technologies and technical prevention tends to be mature. With the construction of “Safe City”, “Xueliang Project (Sharp Eyes Project)”, and the penetration of video surveillance to the grassroots areas, the security industry has maintained steady growth. In 2019, China’s security industry market size reached to nearly 720 billion yuan. It is expected that in 2025, intelligent security industry will turn out to be a 100 billion market and the demand for security technology talents will also keep increasing.

II. Specialty Features

As a characteristic specialty of Zhejiang Province, this specialty has built such training places as video surveillance training base, intelligent building training base, intelligent maintenance data center, face recognition platform, among which the video surveillance training base has been awarded as “Wenzhou Municipal Demonstration Training Base”, “Zhejiang Provincial 13th Five-Year Demonstration Training Base” . Relying on the security industry, the specialty mainly cooperates with those enterprises in the field of security technology, intelligent system integration and application, safety ensuring service, insisting on the characteristic development path of “integration of industry and education through deep cooperation between college and enterprises” . For instance, the specialty cooperates with the industry’s leading enterprises Xinhuasan and Yuvision Technology in co-building teaching team and integrated training room. Thus, it has been delivering excellent talents to Alibaba, Xinhuasan, Yuvision Technology and other large security high-tech enterprises by achieving smooth connection among students’ learning, internship, practical training, certification obtaining and high-quality employment.

III. Training Objectives

Outstanding skills--excellent professional abilities  

The specialty cultivates high- skilled talents who can adapt to the needs of production and construction, master the professional knowledge of security technology, equipped with the basic ability to engage in intelligent engineering design and construction so that they can be qualified for technical security services, security equipment debugging, overhaul and other corresponding jobs.

Outstanding skills--excellent professional abilities    

The specialty cultivates high- quality skilled talents with strong social adaptability and pioneering qualities for the field of digital communication network and cloud computing. These talents boast profound knowledge of network principles and configuration, cloud computing principles and technologies, and proficient skills to analyze and solve practical network problems.

Enterprise oriented--high salary employment                      

The specialty aims to cultivate highly qualified technical talents with the ability to analyze and solve practical problems in security engineering. The cultivation, which is featured by market demand-oriented, adheres to the full participation of enterprises in the construction of the curriculum system and continuous introduction of cutting-edge technology courses and practical training system. Thus, the students can enhance their hands-on skill, teamwork ability, communication skills and innovation ability in real working environment.

Senior guard--excellent quality   

The specialty is to train highly qualified and skilled professionals for the security field of politics and law institutions, civil aviation, metro, finance, universities, foreign enterprises. These talents possess knowledge of domestic safety and security laws and regulations, professional skills in safety and security work, professional ethics of loyalty, toughness and dedication, and strong physique and good psychological strength.

IV. Employment Direction

Graduates of the specialty are mainly for enterprises and institutions engaging in security and intelligent project engineering implementation, security network services, security pre-sales, after-sales technical support and senior security escort project . Among them, intelligent project engineering is mainly responsible for drawing design, organization and coordination, on-site construction and installation and equipment commissioning of the weak project; technical support is mainly responsible for designing and improving solutions, installation and commissioning of equipment and connection between a third-party platforms and equipment according to the customer’s technical needs; senior security guard project is mainly for security management position in political and legal institutions, civil aviation, subway, finance, universities and foreign enterprises.

V. Skill certificate

Electrician certificate (intermediate, senior)

H3C Certified Network Engineer (H3CNE)

H3C Certified Routing and Switching Network Senior Engineer (H3CSE)

Cloud Computing Assistant Engineer Certification (ACA)

Certified Cloud Computing Engineer (ACP)

UTV Certified Video Surveillance Technology Engineer (UCE-VS) Series (Intermediate, Senior)

IP video surveillance primary certificate (UCIA-CSS) (intermediate, senior)    

IP video surveillance intermediate certificate (UCIA-VS) (intermediate, senior)

Security Guard Professional Qualification Certificate (Intermediate, Senior)

Intelligent Security System Implementation and Operation and Maintenance Engineer

VI. Professional Practical Training

The practical teaching of this specialty mainly relies on the college experimental training center, Zhejiang Provincial demonstration training base and off-campus practice base, with the total value of various experimental training equipment being over 5 million yuan. The specialty has several on-campus experimental training laboratories, including video monitoring training laboratory, electrical and electronic training laboratory, PLC training laboratory, computer network training laboratory, intelligent building training laboratory, intelligent maintenance data center, face recognition platform. Among them, the video surveillance training laboratory has been awarded as “Wenzhou Municipal Demonstration Training Base” and “Zhejiang Provincial 13th Five-Year Demonstration Training Base” . It also owns off-campus practice bases in Yuvision Technology, Zhejiang Dahua, Hikvision and other school-enterprise cooperation units.

VII. Faculty Team

The specialty has a professional teaching team with reasonable age structure, scientific distribution of professional titles, and a combination of full-time and part- time teaching staff, among which 87% of the full-time teachers have middle and senior professional titles, 100% of the full-time teachers under 40 years old have master’s degrees, and all teachers are certified as “dual-qualified” teachers. Meanwhile, the specialty has a group of external engineers with rich practical experience who are in charge of students’ practical guidance work.

Training Conditions

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