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Artificial Intelligence

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I. Introduction

As the vice-chairman unit of the International Alliance for the Integration of Industry and Education in Artificial Intelligence, our college stands as one among the first batch of higher vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province who sets up the major of Artificial Intelligence Technology Application. The setting-up of this major is for the implementation the “New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” of the Education Ministry, which is also closely in line with our college’s educational philosophy of “AI+Security” . In the course of talents training, this major is featured by systematic work process as the mainline, working competence cultivation as the main point, and progressive training system as the main task. Besides, it cultivates hands- on practical ability of the student through the integration of “Teaching, Learning and Practicing” and artificial intelligence professionals through integration among college, enterprise and government.

II. Educational Objectives

The major aims to cultivate high quality technical talents with professional ethics and humanistic qualities who get all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor education, mastering basic professional theoretical knowledge and application technology of artificial intelligence. Graduates from this major will not only able to work as algorithm engineer, development engineer, test engineer, solution engineer and system operation engineer in various enterprises, institutions and government agencies, but also become high-quality technical and skilled talents who engage in marketing and technical service of artificial intelligence products in IT enterprises.

III. Core Courses

The core courses of the major include Python Programming, Python Data Analysis and Visualization, Data Annotation Engineering, Machine Learning Fundamentals and Applications, Open CV Image Processing Technology, Intelligent Vision Application Technology, Intelligent Speech and Language Processing Technology, Practical Artificial Intelligence Application Development, Intelligent Hardware DIY, Intelligent Product Marketing and Service.

IV. Textbook construction

Our college has been standing at the forefront of the construction of teaching materials for higher vocational education in AI technology application in China. For instance, the “13th Five-Year Plan” Higher Vocational Education Planning Textbooks -Introduction to AI, Ethics and Professional Literacy, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and College Information Technology Fundamentals with Micro-learning, which are edited by several professional teachers, have been published in China Railway Press and China Machine Press.


Published textbooks

V. Employment Direction

Our graduates are primarily oriented toward the artificial intelligence industry and its application-related enterprises and institutions, involving artificial intelligence technology application development, system operation and maintenance, product marketing, technical support and other post groups. They are able to be engaged in artificial intelligence application product development and testing, data processing, system operation and maintenance, product marketing, technical support and other work.

Due to the late start of China’s artificial intelligence applications, the current related education and vocational training cannot satisfy the needs of the industry development, with the talents shortage being over 5 million people. Thus, it can be seen that graduates of AI-related majors are of good job prospects than that of traditional industries. At the same time, the average salary of AI industry is also higher than that of other Internet industries.


Employment choices

VI. Practical training

On-campus practical training rooms (12 practical training rooms including Big Data Comprehensive Practical Training Room, Internet of Things Comprehensive Practical Training Room, Network Attack and Defense Practical Training Room, Network Engineering Practical Training Room, Security Prevention Technology Practical Training Room) and off-campus practical bases (H3C, Hik vision, SIP Education and other school- enterprise cooperation units) can fully meet the teaching requirements. Students can conduct such practical training on campus in AI development as framework application, data set production, natural language processing, speech and image recognition. Students can have internships in the enterprises and institutions in the field of AI technology and product development and AI technology application.

Training Conditions

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